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sâmbătă, 23 februarie 2013
CFR Cluj StadiumThe stadium is available for download here: DownloadThe above rar contains:
  • A packed dt06.img rar file
  • A packed dt07.img rar file
  • A packed dt09.img rar file
The contents of the dt06.img rar file is only the stadium preview for the stadium selection screen. You should copy and paste the file in your dt06.img folder in your kitserver.The contents of the dt07.img rar file is the main stadium files. You should copy and paste the files in your dt07.img folder in your kitserver.The contents of the dt09.img rar file is for the intro cameras of the game. I couldn't give you the full files, as they contain the cameras for every stadium in the game, so for example, you must open your "unnamed_184.bin" from dt09.img with UDE (Ultimate Data Explorer), and import the files I have in the folder "184". This step is optional, but If you don't do it, the cameras in the beginning of the match, will overlap the stadium objects, and it will look bad.The stadium replaces Burg Stadium.

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