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sâmbătă, 16 februarie 2013

PES 2013 SMoKE Patch 5.1.0 Blue by fadi alkam

- includes latest konami data pack (DLC 2.0 – exe patch 1.01)
- option to install with blur disabled 
- correct leagues names
- bundesliga replaces fake konami league
- correct emblems and league patchs
- complete real 2D teams replace fake teams

(English nPower, Spain liga adelante, 
german 2. bundesliga, Italian Serie B, french ligue 2)
- correct leagues balls
- added 2 new clubs (available in ML mode)
(Anzhi Makhachkala, Lokomotive Moscow)

- correct kits for all teams (full GDB folder)
- correct logo
- correct and updated squads

- all teams have correct home stadium names
- most teams have special chants (HQ double channel)
- correct radar color for all teams
- revised stats for most players (SMoKE rating system)
- more than 1000 real faces
- assigned call names for a lot of players
- added more than 1000 new players
- correct personal attributes
- removed duplicated and fake players

- real goalkeeper gloves 
- correct names for all stadiums
- add 20 various stadiums with game stadium editor
- all teams have correct stadium names
- new enhanced adboards

- HD turfs for all stadiums 
- added and updated all boots 
(removed fake konami boots)
- added and updated all balls (55 balls)
- 6 optional scoreboards
- includes latest kitserver files
- updated referee kits
- correct trophies and cups
- real sponsors with logos
- new graphics
- a lot of small enhancements
1. Unrar files (password: smoke)
2. run (Setup 5.1.exe) and choose Install (add to antivirus exceptions before installing)
3. follow all installer steps
4. download and install latest smoke update
* do not update from konami, the patch include the latest official updates
* starting a new saves is highly recommended due to new system files and stuff
* perform clean install for the game before installing the patch is recommended
* be sure you do not have any directX errors
* run the game as admin
* dont let AV block the installation of any file
* use only the exe provided with the patch

Download PES 2013 SMoKE Patch 5.1.0 Blue:



Password for rar files: smoke

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