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luni, 10 iunie 2013

Pes-hellas Patch 2013 v2.01 [PES 2013]

This patch contains :
- greek super league +2 teams from football league(correct kits and emblems)
- bundesliga(correct kits and emblems)
- premier league(with correct kits and logos)
- liga zon sagres(with correct kits and logos)
- real classic players
- 5 new european teams +1 fantasy team +4 that is visible in master league
- in master league you can buy players from created players like del piero,henry,etc.
- in master league you can hire as coach real coaches like josue mourinho,sir alex,etc.
- all greek stadiums(2 of these are 3D) +1 fantasy stadium
- real chants for all greek teams
- smoke effect before kick off
- new 81 boots
- new balls
- new scoreboard
- a lot of real faces
- real referees
- new menu
- new match background
- new songs
- ps3 gamepad
- all winter transfers
- new graphics
- and much more
- it works for DLC6.00 and patch1.04 for install information view read me.

Pes-hellas Patch 2013 v2.01 [PES 2013]

Pes-hellas Patch 2013 v2.00 [PES 2013]


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